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Canadian cyclists prepare for season in Taos

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Article original dans le Taos News Posted: Friday, April 26, 2013 11:12 am | Updated: 11:15 am, Fri Apr 26, 2013.

Members of Canada's CCCP cycling club stop for a quick break while training in Taos recently.
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Montreal Canada’s Club Cycliste Cycle Pop (CCCP) were in Taos training the last three weeks for its upcoming season. 

Coming from a city that’s located just above sea level, Taos’ thin air certainly helped them blow out their lungs while they were here to train. 

“For us, it was hard to adapt,” the club’s president, Robert Voyer, said. He said some of the team members experienced headaches and insomnia at the high elevation, but that they all enjoyed the time they spent here. 

The club had three, week-long training camps here in Taos. To deal with the high altitude, the club started its week on flatter rides and gradually worked their way up to tougher rides, like the Ski Valley road and U.S. Hill. 

Besides pedaling around, the cyclists also spent a lot of time at the Taos Inn’s Adobe Bar. 

“We’re serious cyclists, but we also enjoy ourselves,” Voyer said. 

Voyer said enough of the 200 club members expressed enough interest that they’re planning to make Taos an annual part of their training regimen. 

“The people that came are excited to come back and a lot of others are asking if we’re going to do it again,” Voyer said. “We’ll probably make it a permanent thing.”